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GUNS'N'GIRLS: Photography by Rachel Nieborg & Ine Mulder


GUNS'N'GIRLS: Photography by Rachel Nieborg & Ine Mulder
709 Penn Gallery / April 27-June 10, 2012

The famed ‘still life’ of old masters is reinterpreted by two young Dutch artists: photographer Rachel Nieborg and designer Ine Mulder. The duo began working together on Girls’N’Guns in 2008 when Ine Mulder asked Rachel Nieborg to join her for shooting practice. The project evolved into a carefully crafted set recasting the still life paintings of the 17th century. Working with a metronome to fine tune the precision timing, one would literally shoot a gun while the other shot photographs. The images have not been edited with photo software, but capture the raw tension of stillness and movement, violence and beauty.

Their work has been displayed at Galerie Rademakers and is also on view at the photography museum, Foam, in Amsterdam. Ine Mulder graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven where she met Rachel Nieborg, a 2006 honors graduate of the Photo Academy in Amsterdam.

 On what most inspires and influences her photography, Rachel Nieborg writes: “A lot things influence my photography. I look around, observe and then something catches my eye and triggers the brain to do something with it: nature, a dance performance, or design and the news. I love form and structures of materials, calmness and quietness, but still a lot action--the search and travel within a picture or painting.

“I use to work in textiles, so the love for structures and materials are due to that, I believe.  I worked on new fabric collections for the clothing industry and so you visit the trend forecasting shows and musea…reflections of society. That is a way of looking and observing I still use in my photography.”  She notes, “I prefer not always tell of have a story next to the picture, because I like the viewer to have there own experience and to travel with and within the work when observing.”

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