Sunday, May 26, 2013

Women's Day of Action for Health Care

Women’s Day of Action for Health Care
Women across Pennsylvania are calling their legislators today, urging them to accept the Medicaid expansion and extend health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of women and families. The time to act is NOW. Women’s lives are on the line.

Our lawmakers have a chance to accept billions in federal funds to expand Medicaid to people making up to 138% of the federal poverty level ($31,800 for a family of four). That means women who work as hairdressers, home health care workers, servers, and other hourly jobs will finally get the coverage they need.

Around one in ten adult women in Pennsylvania lack health insurance, even though many of them have jobs and families who are dependent on them to stay healthy. Starting in 2014, 7 million women will be newly eligible for Medicaid coverage under the expansion, including over 200,000 Pennsylvania women alone.
Stand up for women, stand up for Medicaid expansion - Call Today!

Here’s How You Can Help:
1. Call your legislator using this link

Script: “Hi, my name is __ and I live at __. As a woman/mother/daughter/sister who cares about her health and the health of her family, I encourage you to support Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.”
You could even go on to say: “Women play a critical role in the economy. They also play a vital role in supporting and making the health care decisions for their families, yet sometimes their own health care is not covered. Do the right thing for Pennsylvania, and support the health and economic wellbeing of women and families by endorsing the Medicaid expansion.”

2.    Join us on social media using the hashtags #Expand4Women, #Women4Medicaid, #LivesontheLine

Cover women, Cover Families, Cover the Commonwealth!

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