Saturday, December 29, 2007

Posistively Pittsburgh Live Interviewee Makes TV

Pittsburgh Innovators, PPL Interviewee, Makes TV

Lani Lazzani was part of Episode 34 on Pittsburgh Innovators on Positively Pittsburgh Live Talkcast. You can't keep a great story down, Lani was also interviewed on December 20 on channel 4 news at 6 PM in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Lani Also spoke at the Women's Economic Development Outreach Tour in Pittsburgh and received a standing ovation from other women entrepreneurs.

Positively Pittsburgh Live wishes Lani and mom, Gina, continued prosperity and success in 2008. The Simple Sugars Story. (As told by Lani Lazzari)

My name is Lani Lazzari and I am the creator and founder of Simple Sugars. I am thirteen years old and in the eighth grade.

Simple Sugars began in December of 2005, when my mom decided that we would have a homemade Christmas and insisted that my brothers and I make the holidays gifts that we wanted to give to family and friends.

Since I was a baby I have had very sensitive skin and have been prone to eczema breakouts. I have never been able to use a commercially produced product without experiencing skin irritation or a major rash. So, I decided to make an all-natural product that would be safe for very sensitive skin like mine, would be fun to use and smell great too.

The first sugar scrubs I mixed up were a simple formulation of ingredients that I found in our kitchen. I made two scents, vanilla and almond, and gave them out to friends and family.
Shortly after the holidays, people started calling me telling me that they loved the scrub and asking me if I would make more and sell it to them!

In the meantime, I had been busy doing lots of research on aromatherapy and what natural ingredients were best for sensitive skin.

Based on my research, I reformulated my products and tested them, and reformulated and re-tested, until I had a really great product that I thought other people would love as much as I did. (I should mention that my aunt also has very sensitive skin (psoriasis) and is another one of my “testers”.)

When I’m not doing homework (evil!), I’m making and selling sugar scrubs. Currently, the Simple Sugars team is made up of myself, my mom, my grandmother (Mimi) and my aunt.

My mission is simple (no pun intended!): • To make the best all-natural, high quality scrubs that I can.• To provide my customers with the best service that they can get anywhere.• And above all, to keep things simple!

I hope that you enjoy my products!Stay Smooth!

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