Saturday, December 15, 2007

School Teacher Re-Invents Herself as Suburban Dry Cleaner


Contact: Patricia DuVall 412-271-6000, Cell: 412-287-3191

September 18, 2007; Pittsburgh;Local Forest Hills Dry Cleaner Opens just in time for Homecomings and Winter Cleaning.

Retired Teacher Proud to Be a Part of the Business Community
Official Grand Opening, Saturday, October 6, 2007

Forest Hills, Pittsburgh--September 18, 2007--It has been two years since Forest Hills has had a local dry cleaner and tailor. Patricia DuVall, recently retired schoolteacher, is pleased to be a part of the Forest Hills, Ardmore Business Community. Patricia DuVall is the owner of Strong II Dry Cleaners, which is conveniently located next to Citizens Bank near Subway and the Hands on Healthcare at 3 Parkway Center East. Strong II Dry Cleaners opened in June of 2007. Patricia is proud to be a first time minority, woman business owner and loves the business and the people in the community.

Ms. DuVall, the owner of Strong II Dry Cleaners, brings with her three generations of dry cleaning experience in association with Strong Cleaners, the licensor store. Since 1933, Strong Cleaners has been a community established dry cleaning business. Strong Cleaners is a member of the International Fabric Care Institute, which is an organization devoted to research and analysis of the garment industry and training in the care of fine clothing. Ms. DuVall says, “This makes us also ‘total fabric care specialists,’ backed by over seventy years’ experience of Strong Cleaners.”

Now Patricia says, “You can go to the bank, get a sandwich and drop off or pick up your dry cleaning in the same area. That’s the kind of convenience a community like Forest Hills deserves.”

Strong II Dry Cleaners offers home pick up and delivery service, which can be scheduled by calling Strong II Dry Cleaners at 412-271-6000 or on line at

Strong II Dry Cleaners also has a defining niche in its Pre-Paid Value Added StrongCard™ . Clients can receive a savings of 10% to 28% on regular dry cleaning prices.

Another unique and time saving service is Strong II Dry Cleaners’ WorkPlace Valet Service. The aim of this service is to keep employees happy, well groomed, and stress free on the job. Strong II Dry Cleaners will set up drop off and pick up days at workplaces throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Employers can contact Strong II Dry Cleaners to set up designated drop off and pick up days at their workplace. Ms. Duvall says, “What a great time saving opportunity to offer your employees. Instead of running out after work or during a lunch break for dry cleaning needs, Strong II Dry Cleaners can pick up and drop off on scheduled days at the workplace.”

The Official Grand Opening for Strong II Dry Cleaners is on Saturday, October 6, 2007 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Strong II Dry Cleaners invites everyone and especially the Forest Hills Community to come out and meet Patricia DuVall and her staff for a fun and festive day. There will be balloons, refreshments, and activities for everyone. For one day only, October 6, 2007, the Grand Opening Special is a 25% discount on all winter coats and jackets. (dry clean only)

Strong II Dry Cleaners
Located in Forest Hills
Retired Teacher, MWBE Owner
Third Generation Fabric Care Specialists
Convenient Location
Home Pick up and Delivery Service
WorkPlace Valet Service
Pre-Paid Value Added StrongCard™
Grand Opening October 6, 2007
25% off winter coats and jackets

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