Sunday, January 6, 2008

What Actions Do You Need to Take to Grow Your Business?

What actions should I take to grow my business to a new level of productivity and profit?

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • I have so many opportunities but can’t seem to close on any of them!
  • I have used marketing projects but not followed up and they haven’t made me money!
  • Marketing and sales goals seem to elude me and my sales staff.
  • My myriad ideas for new products are not making it off the drawing board.
  • Multiple revenue streams and passive income, what’s that?
  • My marketing efforts are scattered, and I am not sure what is working?
  • I only market out of desperation when sales fall off!
  • Marketing, why? It doesn’t work. The business will either come or it won’t!

  • If these very concepts are rolling around in your head or your business, then you need a marketing plan: Because:
  1. Productivity and Profit can be your benchmarks!
  2. Success is when opportunity and preparedness meet!
  3. The fortune is in the follow-up!
  4. Goals can be met and reset!
  5. R & D is not just for Fortune Five Hundred’s. It’s for you!
  6. Multiple revenue streams/passive income can be a reality!
  7. Tracking your marketing only needs a system and education!
  8. You need to market in good and bad times, especially good!
  9. Marketing works with the right product and super service!

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