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Hosanna Industries to Teach Trade Skills


Hosanna Industries to Teach Much Needed Trade Skills

Trade Skills, Business Ethics, and Entrepreneurship Taught by Local Nonprofit Mission

NEW SEWICKLEY, PA- Hosanna Industries, Inc. has recognized the need for vocational training, and is excited to meet the needs of young people in the community by providing them with a practical learning experience. The Terrell Trade Skill Learning Center is very relevant to what Hosanna has always done in that they constantly train unskilled volunteers to do meaningful work.

"The mission is being guided on an amazing path," says Reverend Dr. Donn D. Ed, Executive Director of Hosanna Industries. "It is becoming increasingly well-known in our region and throughout the nation, that there is a mounting and severe lack of skilled labor in the American workforce. We see an impending crisis developing in which work will need to be done and few people will be available with the proper skills needed to accomplish that work. We want to have a positive impact upon that impending development by training and acclimating unskilled young people in our area toward this opportunity that can have a great and positive impact upon the American culture and upon their individual vocational pathways."

Nine students, eight of which are from Homewood in Pittsburgh, are enrolled in classes which started this month. Classes meet three times a week for ten weeks per semester. The whole program is designed to be three years in length and promises to produce the most knowledgeable and highly trained skilled new labor pool in our area complete with a solid understanding of professionalism, appropriate behaviors and decorum in the workplace, and a rigorous work ethic.

This first semester they are learning nomenclature, what a builder is, basic building principles, tools, and framing. Each semester from then on has a different focus including but not limited to drywall, electrical, roofing, masonry, flooring, plumbing, and running your own contracting business.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn," said Benjamin Franklin. The students attend class from 9-12pm in the classroom setting, and then from 1-3pm in practical instruction using the tools that Hosanna has provided them.

The trade skill learning center program is being run by Hosanna's Executive Director and mission workers. The other work of Hosanna including the rehab program for local impoverished homeowners, construction of affordable homes, and disaster relief, will continue.

The Terrell Trade Skill Learning Center is located on Hosanna's campus in New Sewickley Township. The facility will also house industrial and visual art classes for homeschooled students, Saturday seminars to teach basic home maintenance, and training opportunities for church mission trips.

Contact: Amanda M. Becker, office phone 724-770-0262, cell phone 412-559-7062, or email amanda@hosannaindustries.org

About Hosanna Industries: Hosanna Industries, Inc. is a faith-rooted, 501 (c)3 non-profit organization in southwestern Pennsylvania. The mission includes new construction and repair/rehabilitation services for low income homeowners; leading volunteers in disaster recovery; and training young people in the trade skills to give them a hope for the future. Their typical single client household in 2012 made less than $13,000 a year. Since their founding in 1990 Hosanna Industries has provided nearly fifty million dollars worth of charitable work to the community for less than fourteen million dollars. Hosanna Industries depends on the generosity of others to complete their work. For more information please visit www.hosannaindustries.org.

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