Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The School for Lies is Now in Session!

The School for Lies is now in session!
Meet Frank, who rejects the false decorum of Paris and speaks his mind no matter what, and Celimene, who finds Frank boorish -- until she thinks he can help her out of a ruinous lawsuit. Throw in three outrageous suitors vying for Celimene's hand, a lovesick man who may or may not like to cross-dress and the lovestruck woman he loves (who, of course, loves another), the morally upstanding matron who delights in "reporting, not gossiping..." and you've got a farce ala Moliere but cleverly updated in language and tone - 21st century humor in Paris 1666-syle.

Real-life husband and wife Leo Marks & Nike Doukas play the leads. 


Who will prevail in this battle of wills - Celimene (Nike Doukas) or Arsinoe (Helena Ruoti)?

David Ives' clever update of Moliere'sThe Misanthrope mixes witty wordplay with high-brow and low-brow humor -- all performed by PICT's stellar cast with a kick-butt soundtrack that will make you want to get up and dance.

Don't laugh so hard you miss all the good jokes! When Arsinoe (Helena Ruoti) comes by Celimene's home to tell her what all of Paris is saying about her, you won't want to miss a moment of the pyrotechnics that ensue!

Celimene (Nike Doukas) receives proposals from three suitors on bended knee - Oronte (Martin Giles) Acaste (Ben Blazer) and Clitander (James FitzGerald)

Directed by Andrew S. Paul
Leo Marks as Frank
Nike Doukas as Celimene
Joel Ripka as Philinte
Robin Abramson as Eliante
Helena Ruoti as Arsinoe
Martin Giles as Oronte
James FitzGerald as Clitander
Ben Blazer as Acaste
Matt DeCaro as Dubois/Basque

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