Friday, June 18, 2010


Flea Market Coming to Brownsville!

Beginning June 26th, there will be a flea market in Brownsville!

I, personally, am obsessed with flea markets, so this is BIG news for me. I have never been thrilled that I have to go to Perryopolis or Pittsburgh to attend one, though. Well, I won't be traveling anymore, because we will have one right here in our wonderful town! I hope you are just as excited!

Here are the DETAILS:

Flea Market Debut: Saturday, June 26th from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Location: It will start at the corner of Arch and Water and will extend to the Taxcat business (next to Fiddle's).

Duration: every Saturday and Sunday (probably April to September ....don't quote me on the months though....that's just a guess.

The first day, Saturday, June 26th, is extra-special, because Fiddle's will have a food booth. As an extension to the celebration, the classic rock band "Hellcat" will be playing at the Nemacolin Castle. The time is 6PM til ??

As a Bonus, there will be a band playing at the Nemacolin Castle one weekend per month.

For more information, call Arnold Tressler at 785.5470 .......(He and his wife are responsible for initiating the flea market. They own the Taxcat business downtown.  Let's thank them for their initiative by patronizing the flea market!)

Anjuli Swords

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