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New Book Encourages Women to Laugh, Embrace Individuality

The season’s most hilarious gift book

“Every woman or so I’m told whether in her twenties or many years old has a love-hate relationship with her hiney, be it extra-venti or teeny tiny.”

 PITTSBURGH --- April 3, 2013 -- Pittsburgh author Marylu Zuk was standing in line at Dairy Queen when she noticed two bikini-clad teens in front of her. The mother inside her fought the urge to hoist the bottoms on one whose crevasse was in full view and she wondered to herself if ever she had been so oblivious to the appearance of her rear end.

This moment affirmed the inspiration for Zuk’s new adult storybook – “Whose A&& is That?”- now available for $14 through Amazon and other online booksellers. The book is also available at MoZaic Boutique on Taylor Way in Bridgeville, PA and Café Kolache on 3rd Street in Beaver, PA.

Published by The Artist’s Orchard, “Whose A&& is That?” is the season’s perfect occasion gift, encouraging every woman to “relax her abs, exhale and laugh at what we rarely see – our own backsides.”

Marylu Zuk will celebrate the launch of her new book at a release reception on Friday, April 26 at 6:00 p.m. at the 3rd Street Gallery located at 220 Third Street in Carnegie, PA.

Cover to cover; Zuk’s hilarious verse is playfully adorned with illustrations by Pittsburgh artist Traycee Bosle.

“Shelves are full of books that invite women to buy into their insecurities, taunting us with ways to change the way we look,” said Zuk. “My book aims to create a bond among women, encouraging us to laugh together while modeling for young women the importance of embracing our own individuality – size of our rear-end included.”

"This is a fun and relaxing book, sure to bring a big smile to every woman’s face,” said Dina Beauvais of the Dream Program.  “You'll want to get a bunch of copies for your friends and give them out as gifts."  The author produced a short video during a gathering of friends and colleagues at Studio Xtreme Hair and Tanning Salon on College Hill in her hometown Beaver Falls. Participants read aloud from the book and discuss the derriere.

The irresistible read is the perfect gift book for occasions such as showers, bachelorette parties, hostess gifts, birthdays and Mother’s Day. “At the heart of this project is the idea that we all know someone who might benefit from a little humor in her day,” said Zuk. “This quick read is a delightful gift for your female tribe - sisters, aunts, coworkers and friends.”

“I love  this little book! In my business, I deal with women of all ages and sizes and the one thing we all have in common is our insecurities about our bodies,” said Nancy Gilmore, Owner of MoZaic Boutique. “I am so excited to be able to support another local woman entrepreneur who is following her dream.”

An excerpt from Zuk’s storybook for women earned a recent award in the Pennwriters' In Your Own Words contest, poetry division.

About the Author:

Interviews and information available by request: Contact Carrie Butler at 412-897-6177.

About Marylu Zuk
Having spent the early part of her career in the sometimes friendly skies, author Marylu Zuk perfected the art of smiling through anything -  at least until she was out of the passenger’s sight. (Really sir?  You actually need me to buckle your seat belt for you?) This skill came in handy as she moved from the airline industry to higher education.  Working as a recruiter for a Pittsburgh-based career college, she climbed the recruitment ladder from road-warrior to enrollment VP before realizing that her circuitous career path (babysitter, playground supervisor, flight attendant, classroom presenter, sales manager) while continually elevating in title and salary, it essentially carried the same job responsibilities – maintaining order and keeping people happy.  A self-proclaimed ‘Pollyanna’, Marylu realized it was time for a change when having the same conversation, with the same people, became exhausting. (How many times must you tell a grown woman she needs to cover her cleavage at work?).  Getting ready for an outdoor promotions event in 2002, Marylu used the two-mirror trick to see how she looked in her jeans.  ‘Oh my God! Whose ass is that?!’ she exclaimed. … and the idea for  Whose A&& is That? was born.  Having worked for the airlines at a time when your weight, piercings and fingernail length were scrutinized daily, her story gives every woman permission to relax her abs, exhale and laugh at what we rarely see – our own backsides!

Marylu Zuk is from Beaver Falls, PA and attended Beaver Falls High School before moving to Arizona where she graduated from Yavapai College and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. She now resides in Pittsburgh’s South Hills.


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