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Stage and Steel Productions Presents "A Vampire in King Arthur's Court

For Immediate Release

September 1, 2010

Stage & Steel Productions

Community Theatre with an edge

CONTACT:  Michael Kiser, Director/Founding Member

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Harvest time in Camelot as each year passes the land dies, the leaves scurry away on the chill winds, and the wolves make life a living nightmare. Struggling with the rigors of daily survival, King Arthur must solve the riddle of the sudden mystery of bloodless corpses before it is too late. Surrounded by death, deceit, and betrayal will he expose the lone villain that laughs at him from the darkness, Lord Valkamar?

King Arthur and Lord Lancelot must expose the cunning vampire of old, before it is too late. Guinevere and the rest of the knights are all in danger as the villain’s plan to crush Camelot comes to fruition.

King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, Helric the Great, and introducing Lord Valkamar all fight in a tug of war across a pit of despair.

Who will win out and who will fall to ruin in this epic battle of wills?

Stage & Steel Productions offers its second show of the season. The show written by founding member, Ruth Comley explores the legend behind King Arthur as well as the myth of vampires. Combining the two elements have created a new take on the Arthurian story. Directed by Micheal R. Kiser, the show includes several stage combat fights, including staff, long and short sword, and sword and shield. This production offers the same audience participation as their last production A Night of Knights. The cast includes: Brian Hagan as King Arthur. Nick LaMantia as Sir Lancelot. Ruth Comley as Lord Valkamar, Aubrey Plane as Lady Guinevere, Kendra Wikham as Sir Guain, Samuel Kiser as Sir Galahad, Ashlie Hollis as Percival, and Micheal R. Kiser as Helric the Great.

The production of A Vampire in King Arthur’s Court is being held at SS. Peter and Paul Hall, 220 Mansfield Blvd,  Carnegie, Pa 15106. Tickets may be purchased at the door for $12 adult and $10 for student and senior tickets. Tickets may also be purchased ahead of time by going to

Stage & Steel Productions is a community based theatrical society located in the greater Pittsburgh area. Our group was born from the love of theatre and stage combat. Combined, Stage & Steel strives to create unique productions based in a variety of genres, including Medieval, Renaissance, and even modern theatre. Stage & Steel trains each individual actor in the art of stage combat. Our professional instructors teach many areas including hand to hand, sword work, and basic choreography. We do not discriminate from any novice, we target to both the beginner as well as the skilled who wish to further their craft.

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