Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Will the Real Techno Granny Please Stand?

Who is Techno Granny? No she is not, the Techno Granny from Bulgaria who dances with a cane to Techno Music. Although I have thought that I should hook up with her because she has become quite a cult figure. Techno Granny is also not a geek, just a grandmother who is trying to get over her fear of technology and take baby boomers and others with her. The Techno Granny Show is hosted on Talk Shoe network every Monday at 7 AM EST.

She is also a Pittsburgher who has a longstanding love affair with her home city, Pittsburgh, and is establishing a resource for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA. She is also a person who is sick of hearing how many people were shot, killed, raped, how many kids were molested and who stole what, so she focuses on Positive News about her beloved city in a show called, Positively Pittsburgh Live, 7 PM EST every Monday.

She is also the author of a Ning social network and forum for Positive Pittsburghers at

Techno Granny is Joanne Quinn-Smith, Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates. who provides 15 minutes of guerilla marketing ideas for small business owners every Monday at 9 AM so that like the gazelle and the lion they can hit the ground running. She is also the Marketeer involved in marketing her own serial businesses and others since 1976.

Techno Granny also has a nose for news of professionals who have an impact on the community: local, state, national and international and hosts a 30 minute show called Professionals with Impact where she allows 30 minutes of shameless self promotion by her guests, uncluttered by commercials or sponsors.

Techno Granny also provides her community with a blog that posts community press releases at:

Positively Pittsburgh Live has become popular enough in Pittsburgh area that in April of 2008, there will be an on-line Community Magazine at: This site will allow Pittsburgh to post positive content, schedules articles, and will also provide Internet Radio and TV for pod cast hosting of the wonderful TalkShoe Podcasts and other audio content and also allow videos. It's going to be a stellar yet reasonable, inexpensive way for Pittsburghers to get the word out about their organizations.

Show schedules:
Techno Granny is at 7 AM EST on Monday,

Monday Morning Marketing is at 9 AM EST on Monday

Positively Pittsburgh Live is at 7 PM:EST on Monday evening:

Also scheduled when I have a noteworthy guest: Professionals with Impact:

You can also find my Ning social networking group for Positively Pittsburgh Live at:

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