Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, New and Noteworthy Books, "FOLLY OF MARKETING PLAN IN YOUR HEAD"

"Folly of the Marketing Plan in Your Head” truly will give you a 101 Reasons to Write One. And the K.I.S.S. List will make it simple for you. There are even downloadable templates to help you keep track of your information. You will learn where to start with goals and self evaluation. Both very important tools because if you don't know where you are going, you will never figure out how to get there. 

There are important lessons about 
• defining your product 
• whose needs it will satisfy 
• how to get your message out to them. 

In simple laymen's terms you will also learn 
• how to determine your best customer
• your target market 
• and your pricing strategy--the lost component of marketing.

In addition included are lessons on 
• super data and how it can help you to segment your market, 
• how to utilize long term evaluations of your sales results progress 
• and ways to eliminate your customers’ obstacles in doing business with you. 

This book covers everything from social media, customer appreciation and of course the personal touch. Come away with multiple ways to "touch" your clients so that you are "first on their mind" and their money is "in your bank account." 

Important Take Away from this book:
• Why you need a written marketing plan
• What you will learn about your business in the process of writing your marketing plan
• How writing and then implementing your plan will increase your bottom line sales and profit
• How to use your market data to keep your business fresh, growing and sustainable
• Resources that will help you with your marketing plan and in your business

Author and publisher, Joyce Faulkner says, "It's a quick read but you will go back many times to read again and garner more in depth information."

Folly of Marketing Plan in Your Head, 101 Compelling Reasons to Write One with K.I.S.S. List [Kindle Edition]

Joanne Quinn-Smith 

Kindle Price:$4.99

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