Monday, May 23, 2011

Dignity and Respect Champion Harish Saluja Honored for Efforts


Melissa Marullo

Harish Saluja Recognized as Dignity and Respect Champion for His Efforts to Spread Knowledge, Love, and Joy

Executive Director of Silk Screen Provides a Gateway
to Asia to Eliminate Prejudices

(PITTSBURGH, PA) May 18, 2011– Six years ago, Harish Saluja founded Silk Screen, an organization that works to educate communities about Asian history, art, culture, and more, based on the belief that if people knew more about their neighbors, there would be less prejudice and offer love to others.

“Love is what touches the heart, and that is what makes a difference. There isn’t money or anything that can compensate for this. Treating others with dignity and respect is normal, proper, and as required as breathing,” Harish said.

Nominated by Katie Jones, Saluja has been chosen as the May Dignity and Respect Champion for his work as the executive director of Silk Screen, a nonprofit organization that fosters understanding across lines of race, ethnicity, religion, age, and region.

Silk Screen’s mission is to celebrate diversity and multi-cultural appreciation of the Asian and Asian American experience through cultural events such as their annual Asian-American Film Festival.

“Harish helps at community outreach events presenting Asian arts and crafts and cultural awareness with Silk Screen. He always wants to spread love and joy to the world so people understand each other better,” Jones says.

Harish lives south of Pittsburgh with his wife. He is a filmmaker and artist in addition to founding Silk Screen. His film “The Journey” won Best Film awards in Florida and Cleveland film festivals, and was shown in more than 20 film festivals around the world. Harish is a nationally recognized painter and a co-host of Music From India on WDUQ-FM.

“I gave up a lucrative career in corporate America because I believe that one’s life fulfillment can only be found by doing something good and by giving something back to people. I started Silk Screen as a gateway to Asia so people could get to know the culture, resulting in less prejudice,” Harish said.

Harish strongly feels that treating others with dignity and respect should be important in everyone’s daily lives because it could drastically change a community.

“If we treat each other with tolerance and acceptance, it would make the world a better place and bring upon happiness and love.”

The Dignity & Respect Campaign is an awareness campaign designed to join individuals, community leaders, community organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and corporations under the common notion that everyone deserves dignity and respect.
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