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Linda Handley Inspires with A Collection of Female Triumphs


Linda Handley – Building Bridges for Business – Founder - featured in a book about empowered entrepreneurs.

Inspired Entrepreneurs: A Collection of Female Triumphs in Business and Life. A collection of 22 inspirational stories of women who have life-changing inspirational stories of stepping out of their comfort zones and following their dreams.

About Linda Handley

Entrepreneur Author Business Advisor Real Estate Investor

Linda Handley has made it her mission to help others and improve the lives of those around her, often through creative and unconventional means going beyond volunteering and donating to her favorite charities. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, where she received both her BS and a Masters in Health Administration, she began working in informational technology at a leading medical center with likeminded people, while devoting her free time to working with non-profit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club.

Growing up in Hershey, Pennsylvania as the older of two children, Linda and her family enjoyed a close relationship and she experienced a traditional childhood where she learned strong values and a deep sense of caring for others from her parents. To this day, she sees how these formative years have continued to shape and guide her, both professionally and personally.

Linda happily worked as a healthcare administration professional for years before she began to see a shift in the environment of the company. As the focus become more about the bottom line, she noticed profit-driven attitudes replacing the philanthropic and genuine feel that had previously been the atmosphere. Just as she saw this shift, her father was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. While traveling home to be with him every other weekend, and still maintaining a full time schedule at work, including a busy travel schedule, Linda experienced a moment of awakening. She realized that her job was no longer fulfilling her emotional and charitable needs and that she needed something else in her life to do so.

In December 2007 after much soul searching and contemplation, she formed Marlin Property Management, a real estate investment company. With a focus on urban restoration, including purchasing homes, renovating and leasing them, Linda and her business partner began their first project, restoring a 100 year old home. After construction and renovations, emails from the happy tenants of Marlin’s first project still provide Linda with happiness.

Throughout the time of forming Marlin and renovating the first home, Linda stayed on at her corporate job. Finally, after being told that her department needed to strip millions from their budget in order to post a profit, she approached her business partner and began to develop a plan to leave her job and focus solely on real estate and other charitable endeavors.

Now a fully self-employed entrepreneur, Linda is focusing her time and her talents on the projects that mean the most to her. The property management company continues to improve urban homes and provide great places for people to live – affordably. In 2009 she published a children’s book written by her father, Squeeky and Louie, a childhood favorite of hers. Proceeds from the book go to the American Cancer Society.

Linda’s moving journey is featured in the book Inspired Entrepreneurs: A Collection of Female Triumphs in Life and Business. Published in May 2010, the book highlights successful female entrepreneurs and their professional as well as personal voyages. Linda’s chapter focuses on how she was able to leverage her professional experience into a career that is aligned with her personal values and what she sees as her life work. From July 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010, proceeds from the book will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

While continuing her real estate investment work, Linda launched Building Bridges for Business. This non-profit Building Bridges for Business brings together our regions wealth of Small Business resources, tools, and organizations. Building Bridges partners with many of the organizations in the region. Building Bridges for Business will further advance economic development in Allegheny County.

Linda assumed the role of Executive Director for Women’s Small Business Association, a professional group with over 700+ members in seven counties in Western Pennsylvania in 2009 and 2010. Linda also volunteers with the non-profit organization Medals for Mettle, where marathoner runners award their finisher’s medals to others who have demonstrated similar mettle, or courage. Medals4Mettle celebrates our collective human courage, and our innate desire to reward and support each other as we all face life’s challenges.

Linda was recently nominated for Pittsburgh Woman of the Year – Community Service for her contribution to organizations and non-profits. She lives in Western Pennsylvania where she enjoys empowering and educating fellow entrepreneurs.

About the Book

This book is a collection of stories about regular women. Each of them dared to step out in courage to follow her passion, and ventured to change her world.

Meet The Inspired Entrepreneurs:

Chapter 1: Finding Your Passion while Paying the Bills
Debra Dion Krischke, Wexford, PA

When her business was rocked by 9/11, this serial entrepreneur found a new passion in raising money for women’s initiatives. Her company now raises money for women and girls worldwide.

Chapter 10: Meaningful Doesn’t Have to be Difficult
Beth Caldwell, Pittsburgh, PA

Trying to change the world as a social worker wasn’t working for this ambitious entrepreneur. Beth now works with women from all over the world to inspire them to follow their dreams.

Chapter 18: From Law to Lipstick
Anne Martin, San Francisco, CA

This former JAG Attorney was climbing the corporate ladder but realized that it was against the wrong wall. A demanding career as a corporate attorney kept her away from home for 80 hours a week. She walked away from it all and built a career with Mary Kay Cosmetics where she is a top earner, and keeps her family a priority.

Chapter 21: Born to Run (My Own Business)
Danielle Cuomo, South Side, PA

After graduating with an MBA, Danielle wasn’t able to find a job, so she created her own. She quickly grew her business and is now a leader in her field.

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