Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pennsylvania Council on Arts Award to BARC

For immediate release: May 14, 2010


WHO: The Brownsville Area Revitalization Corporation (BARC) is the recipient of funding administered by Gateway to the Arts for a four month artist residency. Funds from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation will support the work of Pittsburgh artist Allyson Holtz, who will teach and guide a group of multi-generational community members in the design and creation of a public art project and the establishment of a permanent Cultural Committee.

BARC’s mission is to achieve economic development through historic preservation, heritage tourism, outdoor recreation, community stewardship, youth advancement and the arts. The Cultural Committee consists of Brownsville residents between the ages of 14 and 90+ years of age.

WHAT: The grant was for an artist-in-residence. It allows an artist registered with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts to devote 22 days of service to BARC and the community. The first phase of this grant will be the development of a mural depicting a significant historic attraction to the town and, a compilation of stories and photographs that reflect the history of the Brownsville area. The design and location of the mural will be selected by the Cultural Committee. The agreed upon design then will be taken to State Correctional Institution at Fayette where inmate artists will render the design on an exterior fabric material. The mural will be located at the site the committee selects. The committee will secure all necessary approvals and permits. Through guidance and education from the artist, a goal for this Committee is to initiate a permanent cultural organization to benefit the town through cultural events and projects.

WHEN: An initial meeting was held in March 23, 2010 and subsequent meetings are held weekly throughout the summer. A goal is to unveil the mural as part of community effort. Additional projects will be included in the homecoming week, August 1st through the 7th.

WHERE: Meetings are being held in the second floor of the Odd fellow building at 33 Market Street.

WHY: To beautify the community and encourage tourism. Future projects may occur through the development of a permanent Cultural group.

HOW: Fund raising efforts and grant seeking will assist the continuation of this committee. As part of the grant requirements, BARC is committed to provide the finances for transportation for the artist and all the materials used for the mural as well as any other projects to beautify the community. Donations will be well accepted.

For more information, contact:

Norma Ryan, BARC coordinator 724-323-4008

Project Administrator: Carol Wolfe, Program Manager, Gateway to the Arts, 412-362-6982

Artist Allyson Holtz (bio attached) 412-719-7677

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