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A Mother's Boutique And Annee Matthew Expand Relationship


April 29, 2009

Contact: Judy P. Masucci, Ph.D.
A Mother's Boutique

A Mother's Boutique And Annee Matthew Expand Relationship

PITTSBURGH—Tightenin g the belt may be a trend for many businesses today, but for A Mother's Boutique owner, Judy Masucci, success has come in the exact opposite shape. Expanding middles are more her style—especially when that means outfitting expectant mothers.

Launched online two years ago, A Mother's Boutique "provides suitable and stylish clothing for expectant and nursing mothers," Masucci notes. Within six months, her boutique was already turning a profit and in April of 2008 she signed an exclusive distribution deal for the U.S. with Annee Matthew Maternity & Nursingwear of Singapore.

That distribution deal has just been renewed for 2009-2010, and has even been expanded to include Canada on a non-exclusive basis. Over 24 wholesale clients now sell this line across the U.S. and Canada and more are on the way.

Wholesale client BabiesNBellies. com explains just why this line is so popular with expectant and new moms, "The quality of the garments is excellent as well as the sizing. I have been doing really well with the entire line and am excited to see what new things continue to come in! The nursing items that double as maternity items offer a longer range of wearability that really draws in the customer. It is such an excellent selling point."

Adds Annee Matthew, "A Mother's Boutique has successfully managed our line and obtained great market penetration. We are pleased to announce an expansion of our distribution relationship. While other companies in this industry have been scaling back, Judy—through A Mother's Boutique and her distribution site www.anneematthew. net—keeps on thriving. It's been great to grow with her across the U.S. and I look forward to continued success as she expands into Canada."

About A Mother's Boutique
Based out of Pittsburgh, A Mother's Boutique provides expectant and nursing mothers with a unique, personalized approach. We carry everything you need to prepare for pregnancy and nursing: clothing for maternity and breastfeeding, nursing bras, breast pumps, slings, accessories and more. Visit our online store to find out why our selection and service are exactly what a busy mom deserves!

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