Friday, April 11, 2008

Brown-Eyed Girl with Spina Bifida Sings for Dave Crawley, KDKA

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“The Little Bopper” Beleagued by Spina Bifida Walks 235 Feet
Our Brown Eyed Girl—Sings for Dave Crawley on KDKA
PITTSBURGH, If you watched the Dave Crawley Show on KDKA last week you saw our brown-eyed girl, Marissa Web, sing Chantilly Lace. There’s a story about that song and a story about Marissa. After 41 surgeries and all of the anesthetic that goes with it, Marissa’s short term memory was not the greatest. Now thanks to the school system mainstreaming, counselors and tutors here in Pittsburgh Marissa is learning new things all the time. Every week she comes to Carol’s Restaurant and has learned a new line to “the big bopper’s song” which she has now made “the little bopper’s song.” Marissa is a nine year old with a big burden but an even bigger appetite for fun and life.

When Marissa first came to Carol’s almost a year ago, when she walked her feet were so turned out she could only walk with assistance. Every week now she walks a little better and when she comes in to the jam sessions at Carol’s on Friday and Saturday that are held for Marissa’s benefit not only to raise money but to raise her indomitable spirits, we can every week see a difference. Last week at the therapist’s she walked 235 feet with her canes only. The only other time she had done that was at Carol’s. Carol has hardwood floors and Marissa’s home does not.

If you want to get away from your troubles and be inspired by an eleven year old with an indomitable spirit, then come to Carol’s on Friday and Saturday night. Local musicians and music lover’s with a heart gather to raise money for Marissa’s Miracle, the hardwood floors and a wheel chair ramp for her home so that her disabled father does not have to carry her into their home. Marissa has another big surgery coming up in July, 2008.

This week-end, Friday, April 11, 2008 from 6 PM to 10 PM, you can hear Ben Reda, local songwriter who plays rock, oldies; folk and Christian rock and also the customers sing Karaoke and Ben offers an open mic to all comers. Marissa loves music and can be seen center change in her tiny wheel chair, tapping out the time, she has excellent rhythm. She also strums along on her pink guitar. On Saturday, April 12, 2008—Tommy Kal duo will be playing and singing country rock and rock classics. They have even learned to play “Chantilly Lace” so that Marissa can sing with them. Ben Reda drives from Beaver and Tom Kal duo from Charleroi to volunteer to play for Marissa.

Customers and guests can meet Marissa, experience Carol’s warm welcome and fantastic food, sit down, have your dinner and have a great time. The environment is family friendly, but you can BYOB, if you like. Your heart will be warmed, your stomach will be full and your heart will be joyful when you leave. Admission is free but your offering for Miracles for Marissa should be an offering from the heart. Carol’s Restaurant is on Main St in the historic West End and Pittsburgher’s historically have been banding together to help Marissa and the Webb family.

9 year old Marissa Webb on Dave Crawley
41 surgeries for spina bifida
Miracles for Marissa jam session
Brown Eyed girl sings Chantilly lace
Friday and Saturday Jam Sessions
Carol’s in historic West End
Raising money for Marissa’s needs
Local Musicians Volunteer from distance

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